Amino acid SI Type fertilizer



1. SI type is used as silicic acid strengthening fertilizer to improve mechanical resistance and physiological resistance and increase resistance to diseases and pests.
2. Increased mechanical resistance: soluble silicic acid and water  mixed together on the leaf surface and deposits in the inner leaf or the surrounding epidermal cell membrane to make the cells siliceous, strengthen the plant body and prevent the invasion of bacteria. Prevent lodging and improve resistance.
3. Physiological resistance increases: excessive absorption of nitrogen creates appropriate conditions for bacterial reproduction. The application of silicon will reduce the nitrogen content. That is, it suppresses excessive absorption of nitrogen and increases resistance to bacteria.
4. Quickly reach to the center of the plant cells with silica-fortified fertilizer. The excess nitrogen and acidifier is turned into a good things by using SI fertilizer to promote the growth during the fruiting period.

5. This product is used as a single nutritional supplement element, do not mixed with other pesticides and fertilizers.

6. PH1:2509-10

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