Amino acid polypeptide nutrient solution




There are 4 kinds Amino acid nutrient solutions which rich in 19 vitamins: 1, trace element type, 2, medium element(Ca+Mg) type, 3, macro element (N.P.K )type, 4, silicon fertilizer.

These products have different effects on different flied crops in different growth periods. The nutrients needed on growing period, flowering period, fruiting period and turning period.

After planting, the seedlings enter into the growth periodicity of plants roots, and the nutrition consumption is not sufficient to give some nutrition appropriately. The flowering plants enter into the reproductive growth and bulging period, which is mainly based on nutrition and medium amount of elements or phosphorus and potassium at the same time.

Function: promote the regeneration of new roots, improve photosynthesis, promote the differentiation of flower buds, improve the fertilizer rate, make the plant more healthy, timely supplement amino acid nutrition, the fruit is uniform and round, and turn color, mature, taste and color better and improve the value of goods. The function of amino acids in crops is basically to give priority of nutrition to the plants.

1. Activate cells and promote cell division
2. Good for growing well and promoting fruits grow big
3. Good for blossoming and increasing fertilization rate
4. As a precursor of chlorophyll, it activates the photosynthetic capacity
5. Increasing the environmental resistance (preventing cold damage, reducing crop stress)
6, Balanced nutrition supply, grow large shape fruits and maintain certain quality
7, Enhance the crisis resistance of plants (such as inadequate sunlight, low temperature, high temperature, continuous strong wind period)



The whole growth period can be sprayed, water flushed.

Normally use it before 10 AM, after 4 PM , Its appropriate time to use after 6 PM in hot summer ;

Foliar spray: the seedling stage must be diluted by 1200 times, and the growth stage by 800~1000 times; 1.5~2 kilograms and add water 1500~2000 kilograms each 0.17 acre

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